Silk Road Today - Has CETA Benefited Canadian Business One Year Later?©Nikao Media
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Has CETA Benefited Canadian Business One Year Later?

Free trade is a hot economic and political topic these days. While the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) still in legal limbo, CETA is showing signs of progress.
Silk Road Today - Lyon: The Heart of the European Silk Industry
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Lyon: Heart of the European Silk Industry

Lyon is the go-to-place for high quality French silk. Fashion House Chanel and Birkin bag maker Hermes set up their manufacturing plants in the region.
Silk Road Today -Silk Road Festival Gift Basket Winners©Nikao Media

Silk Road Festival Gift Basket Winners

Congratulations to contest winners, Bonnie H. and Garret R. who guessed the closest value of the two Silk Road Festival gift baskets displayed at the 5th Thai Festival in Vancouver from July 21 & 22, 2018. The Silk Road Festival organizers…
Silk Road Today - World Nomad Games: Is this ancient sport too bizarre for the modern world?©Altaihunters
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World Nomad Games: Is This Ancient Sport Too Bizarre for the Modern World?

The World Nomad Games is perhaps the coolest festival to see Central Asian nomads in action. But this one ancient sport may be repulsive to watch.